5 Pool Party Mistakes to Avoid

Have you thought of throwing a pool party and inviting your friends over? Well, that’s an excellent idea! Pool parties are always fun to have and are ideal if you’re looking for a perfect weekend getaway, especially to beat the heat in this season. However, there are quite a few things that you need to keep enlisted so that nothing essential slips out and might lead to a ‘not so great’ pool party. Out of the big list of necessities and plans, here are a few important things that you need to keep in mind and avoid these mistakes to have a successful pool party:

1. Not deciding the venue and number of guests

It is imperative to pre-decide the venue of your pool party. You need to ensure that your venue has a big pool that can suffice the number of guests. Coming to this point, make a list of the number of guests that you’re willing to invite for your pool party (You can make this list at least a month in advance to ensure that you don’t miss out anyone). Well, if you are planning to have a pool party with limited guests and you have a pool in your backyard, it would be best for you to have a backyard pool party. You can save on the cost of the venue.

2. The pool is not clean

The next essential aspect to keep in mind is a clean pool. The pool being the heart of your pool party, you need to ensure that your pool is free from any contaminants or is chlorinated well before use. If you’re booking a venue with a pool, ask the coordinators a day before the party, to maintain a clean swimming pool so that your guests can enjoy in the pool without any worry.

3. Limited Snack and Food

People, usually the little ones are sure to feel hungry and look out for some delicious and finger-licking food after being exhausted by jumping around and sliding down the water slides. Make sure that you have enough food on the menu. You need not have a huge list of food items, but you can have a few tasty dishes in a sufficient quantity to meet the hunger-needs of all your guests. Alternately, if you have a tight budget and looking for something less expensive, then the best solution would be to have some appetizers and snacks simply – you can skip the buffet. Here too, ensure that you have a good quantity of snacks to suffice your guests.

4. No pool party games or entertainment

It’s going to be a total loss if you don’t have any form of entertainment or games for your pool party. No one will want just to come and relax by the poolside. It’s a party, and it needs to be happening. To ensure this, make a list of some really exciting games and activities that your guests might enjoy. Here are some interesting games – pool volleyball, pool race, coin hunt. You can also arrange for games based on the age group. If you still lack pool party game ideas, then the best option would be to hire an inflatable water slide or pool party inflatables which can definitely keep your guests engaged in enjoying the party.

5. No Lifeguard

Many of us think that a lifeguard is not really needed for a pool party. But you definitely want to avoid any unfortunate event or anything that would cease the fun of your party. This brings ‘hiring a lifeguard’ into the picture. You can approach any pool party planners in your town for hiring a lifeguard, especially if it’s a kid’s pool party, it is better to keep the little one safe from drowning.

There are many things that you need to keep in your mind as you plan for the pool party. Make a list by writing down all the material, budget and running around that you’ll need to do while preparing for the party. Make sure you avoid the above mistakes if you want your guests to remember your pool party and leave with good memories. You can also bid your guests a goodbye with a goody bag.

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