6 Backyard Games You’ll Want To Play This Summer

Thinking of having a great time with friends and family this summer but still out of ideas? Bang on! Every problem is ought to have a solution and here is a solution to your problem for making the most out of weekends this summer alongside your friends and family. Board games or instead call it yard games – a perfect summer plan that you can consider having right down your backyard. But why play the average-sized board games when you can play the same ones but of a size larger than you’d ever think of. When something is giant, it automatically doubles the fun as compared to the standard version of the game. You can always rent out these giant board games if you have outdoor plans this summer. May it be a family reunion or a last-minute barbecue plan with friends, absolutely rent out these 6 backyard games and be assured that you will never forget your summer.

1. Giant Connect 4

As a kid, didn’t you love playing connect 4? Absolutely! This is one of the board games that everyone enjoyed playing. The most exciting part is when you see it in a jumbo size this time and get all nostalgic, bringing back your childhood memories. When it comes to yard games, connect 4 is one made for all ages and renting one of these isn’t difficult at all. This giant board game is ought to add a spark of excitement to your summer plans.

2. Giant Jenga

Do you think Jenga is fun? Then what do you have to say about giant Jenga? Forget the old standby games like a croquet set, lawn darts, or ladder-ball when you can readily rent a yard game like giant Jenga. When these oversize Jenga blocks come down, you need to run! Giant Jenga is pretty much a fun game when you play it with friends. Add this one to your yard games list!

3. Outdoor Word Games

Wouldn’t it be amazing to play with giant words? So here is something you can always opt for as a lawn game in your backyard – Giant Scrabble. Nothing like playing a board game like scrabble outside in the soft grass. If playing the average-sized scrabble is fun, then a double-sized scrabble obviously would mean a lot more fun. Rent a giant scrabble board that is playable on a big mat and the giant letters are so big that you don’t even need a stand as they stand right up on their own.

4. Giant Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-tac-toe; one of the games that has always been played with friends in school and college. Children or adults, this game can be very well played by any age group. The giant blocks of “X” an “0” on the soft lawn in the backyard makes it even more exciting and unique. Renting one of these would be the best option to your yard games list this summer.

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5. Outdoor Dice Games

Imagine rolling an enormous dice to move on a massive board until you win. Incredible! Make your summer plan even more interesting with giant board games like Snakes & Ladders or giant Twister. These games are ideal for children. You will definitely want to see your kids laughing and giggling, hopping around a large board. You can always rent out giant board games like these for your backyard summer plans.

6. Giant Uno Card

Done moving the large Jenga blocks, giant scrabble words and the other board games? Let’s move on to playing with a giant deck of Uno cards. It’s time to raise your tactics and luck even a little more with these giant Uno cards, but watch out! Someone might just peep into these humongous cards that you’re holding. Nevertheless, moving from giant board games to giant playing cards isn’t a bad idea at all.

Perfect! Now make a note of all the giant board games that you will want to add to your yard games list this summer. May it be a weekend plan with friends and family, or a small get-together, these games will undoubtedly add a bunch of excitement, whatsoever. So, buckle up and don’t hesitate to rent the above giant board games which will unquestionably make this summer a one to remember.