7 Birthday Party Mistakes to Avoid

Being a parent, you’d undoubtedly want to make your kids birthday very much special and memorable so that they can cherish these moments until their next birthday. So, you’ve decided that you want to throw a fabulous birthday party for your kid. You’ve read through many phases of preparations and party planning so that nothing goes wrong anywhere. However, there are a few things you might tend to get wrong sometimes. But you can always work on making such flaws less likely to happen. Here are some of the most common mistakes that parents usually make and how you can avoid them.

Not Deciding the Theme on Time

Make sure you decide on a party theme by the earliest. You surely don’t want to wait for the last minute and get yourself in a hassle of the party planning. Deciding on a theme well in advance can help you arrange for the requirements accordingly. If you are deciding on a typical birthday party theme like Barbie or Mickey Mouse, party supplies, from funky party decor to cartoon mascots, are readily available in the market. However, if you are planning on a unique or unusual party theme, then you should consider having a buffer time in hand. Else you might end up not going as planned.

Birthday Cake Size & Flavor

Cakes being the most prominent part of any birthday party, choosing the right birthday cake is the most important task to do. From kids to adults, all are keen on tasting the birthday cake. So, make sure that whatever cake you choose, not only looks tantalising but is also flavorsome and delicious. You clearly don’t want to get your guests disappointed at the start. Apart from the flavor, make sure you keep account of the size of the cake. Choose a sufficient amount (kilos) of the cake based on the size of the portion that you want to serve. Also, ordering a little extra quantity of cake won’t harm.

No Time for Nap

One of the mistakes that most of the parents make is skipping on naps of their kids as they are engrossed in the birthday preparations. Sleep is essential for kids. If your kid doesn’t get sufficient sleep prior to the birthday party, the lights, music and crowd will exhaust him/her and drain their energy before they could even cut the cake. Which means if they skip their naps, they will have a cranky mood all day long and are generally more irritable. Another mistake that a lot of them make is forcing a napping schedule which does not work well, always. So, ensure that your baby has enough sleep before they begin the big day so that they can enjoy every bit of it!


Number of Guests

Decide well in advance, on the number of people that you are willing to invite for the party. A common mistake that many people commit is inviting too many or too few guests. A good practice is to invite the number of guests equal to your child’s age. That way you can ensure that your kid will make lifetime friends and appreciate the value of friendship. Alternately, it will be simpler for you to conduct activities, games and arrange for food, with a right number of guests. While older kids like meeting new people and spending time in large groups, the younger ones, especially toddlers seem to be more comfortable playing in pairs. It, therefore, makes sense to invite guests based on your kids’ age.


Delay in Booking Venue

Booking a perfect venue is always a tedious task for parents when it comes to planning a birthday party. We think that we will wait for the last minute to book a venue, but it’s not always in luck that we will get the exact fun places that we desire. It’s only when you actually start looking for your child’s birthday party venue, you realise that it’s not as simple as it seems to be. Parents have to visit each venue to find out if the place is pretty reasonable, with decent food quality and under the budget, until to come down to a final decision. So, make sure that you start looking out for a place well in advance because you might end up delaying too much due to other preparations and miss on the best venue as per your requirements.

Missing on Special Fun Activities

After the cutting of the cake, most of the kids’ excitement start deteriorating. Some of them may, however, keep themselves engrossed in the decor and balloons, running around with their companions. Well, most of the kids are left craving for their parents’ attention. To avoid this from happening, make sure that you enlist a set of activities or games for kids which will keep them engrossed throughout the party. Also, if the kids are very young, they would not appreciate the concept of socialising. Instead, they would prefer participating in games and fun activities.


You can use the above tips before you start deciding on the party plans to avoid any circumstances that would ruin your kids’ birthday party. No doubt, planning a birthday party is stressful, but try not to worry about it too much. These tips will undoubtedly relieve a portion of your party planning stress. To make things even simpler, hire the best party planners in town who will do all the arrangements for you and make your kids’ birthday party a memorable one.


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