Balloon Decor Ideas for Birthday Party

Decorations are something that can make your party even more compelling and unique. It all depends on the type of the party that you are hosting, according to which you can decide the decorations. May it be streamers or banners, but one thing certainly needs to be there. Balloons! Any party is incomplete without balloons. And we all know that balloons add color to the party. Imagine having an entire room decked with balloons all over. There are so many exciting ways to decorate a place with balloons. So, if you intend for a party with some unique balloon decoration, you can take home some of our creative and artistic balloon decor ideas.

Balloon Ceiling

May it be a wedding, birthday party or a baby shower, surprise your guests with a magnificent ceiling decked with balloons. You can use balloons of different colors or a duo as per the party theme. This balloon decor idea is a very creative way to make use of balloons and make the venue look even more unique, colorful and extravagant.

Balloon Show-Stoppers

What more can you do with balloons? Blow regular sized balloons and tie them up to a ribbon or a string which arrays across the cake table or dinner table. This will make your ordinary looking dinner table all the more attractive and appealing. As a whole, this idea will definitely add a “wow” factor to your party.

Balloon Arch

No matter what celebration it is, a balloon arch is just what your party needs. Balloon arches are a popular party decoration that is definitely here to stay. They always add an element of elegance, grace and color to make the party look even more festive. You can choose to have a theme colored arch at the entrance of your venue which will be the first thing to be noticed by your guests before they enter. So, make sure you consider this balloon decor idea and get one arranged from the best party planners in town.

Balloon Column

Just like a balloon arch, you can opt for a balloon column instead. Balloon columns are the most prevalent at parties these days. From birthday parties to weddings, you will notice balloon columns everywhere. Balloon columns are ideal for all events like birthday parties, school events, family fun day and corporate events. They can be placed on either side of the venue entrance or also beside the dinner table, adding a festive touch to your event.

Helium Balloons

Helium balloons are the most ideal for any celebration. Who doesn’t like to grab a floating balloon at a party? Kids, as well as adults, love helium balloons. This is the most inexpensive and easy-to-go balloon decor idea that you could think of. You can have them around your venue individually or in the form of bouquets that make a great centerpiece. Balloon bouquets never fail to add a majestic look to any party. Whether you are holding a small family gathering or a huge birthday bash, helium balloons will spread the magic of excitement and beauty.

Balloons have always been a part of party decor and will never go out of fashion. These balloon decoration ideas certainly will add more style and flair to any celebration. May it be a birthday party or a school event, make your venue look even more bright and extravagant with these unique balloon decor ideas such that you make your party a one to remember!


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