Beat The Heat With Your Little Ones

Summer plans are always exciting, especially when it comes to kids. Also, since they have begun with the new term at school, they prefer relaxing and spending their weekends with friends and family, while trying to avoid the scorching heat. It is not necessary to have outings as it may be pretty much sunny outside. You can also make indoor plans. It is pretty much difficult to make plans for outings during summers, there are many other ways to spend your weekends with the kids even when the sun is out.

1. Visit A Water Park

Let your kids have some adventure time, and an ideal place to do so during summers is the Water Park. You kids are assured to enjoy splashing around in the pools and sliding down water slides. So, make sure you choose a day on the weekends so that you and your little ones can chill out till sunset.

2. Have Your Own Mini Pool Party

If you have your own pool, you can organize a mini pool party for your kids and invite their friends. Consider hiring small water slides or other inflatables which will make the party all the more enjoyable. Even if you don’t have your own pool, you can hire water slides which come with a mini pool attached to it. Nothing can be more exciting than watching your kids playing and giggling around with their friends even on a hot summer day.

3. Movie Time

You can always check out your nearby movie theatre for ongoing movies that your kids would love to watch on the big screen. Usually, kids are merely amused by animated movies. On the other hand, some kids also prefer watching superhero films. So, make sure you ask your little one about the movie that he/she would want to watch. Grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy the weekend movie time with your little ones.

4. Ice-cream

Who doesn’t love ice-creams and nothing can beat the summer heat better than Ice-Cream! Make sure your fridge is loaded with scoops and buckets of ice-cream. Give your kids a bowl of their all-time favorite ice-cream. Alternately, you can find a day to get out of home with your kids and visit the best ice-cream parlor in town. There’s always something about filling your own cup and choosing your own toppings!

5. Spend Time at The Mall

Spending time at the mall is one of the best options during summer. You can shop, eat and have a good time at one stop. You can do a bit of buying for your little ones. Any other household shopping can be done at the same time instead of making another trip to do the rest of the shopping. Spend the lunchtime at the mall food court. Even the kids will enjoy a change in the menu over the weekend. Let them choose some mouth-watering food from a wide variety of food outlets at the food court.

​6. Visit the Bookstore

Visiting a bookstore along with your child will not only help them spare their weekend time but will also help them indulge in reading and gaining knowledge. It will also be a fun activity to allow them to choose their favorite books. Coloring/drawing books and storybooks amuse the younger kids. On the other hand, the older kids would like to buy activity books and books for summer reading.

It is not as difficult as it seems to make weekend summer plans. Let your kids refresh their minds, beat-the-heat and enjoy quality time together with family and friends. So, book your movie tickets, grab some ice-cream and enjoy the rest of your summer days!

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