Budget-Friendly Graduation Party: Did You Know How?

Are you one of those parents who is going to have a graduate this year? Do you wish to surprise your young one with something much more than a stage appreciation? May it be a high school diploma or a college degree, it takes hard work to get there and graduate and this call for a celebration – A Graduation Party! It will make your son/daughter feel obliged and proud of having achieved the success that they worked for, all these years. However, on the other hand, you might have specific budget constraints with respect to organising a grand graduation party, but you just don’t want to drop the idea of having a party, all together! In this case, we have good news for you. You can go ahead and organise a budget-friendly graduation party with these 6 tips and tricks which will help you save quite a portion of your spending towards the celebration.

1. Big Party or Small Party?

This is ultimately your call..whether you wish to have a grand celebration or a small one. But, since you want to limit your expenditure, in this case, it is an ideal option to go forward with a small gathering where you invite your close relatives and friends to indulge in a breathtaking get-together, dine and enjoy the celebration. If you still have your mind stuck on having a grand party, try cutting down on expenses like extra-lavish décor or services that might not really be necessary for the occasion.

2. Date, Time and Venue

This is a pre-planner point which needs to be focused on. Choose a date and time which is convenient for all your guests. You don’t want any of your close friends and relatives not partaking in your child’s graduation party. You can either choose to have the party during the day time by setting up a great brunch or lunch buffet for all, or you can also have a BBQ party at night where all can enjoy a bliss evening get-together. Another budget-friendly solution would be having more than one graduates throwing a party together at a community gathering where they could divide the entire expenditure amongst each other. Choose a venue that is suitable for the number of guests that you invite. You don’t want your guests squeezing in which might dampen the party atmosphere.

3. Graduation Party Invites

Set a tone for your party with classy invites! Design the invites in par with the graduation theme. For example, you could have invites in the form of a degree scroll! It is equally important to keep in mind the budget included in making the invites. If you are creative and artistic, then you can play around with some glue and paper and design your own invites. But if you don’t really have that time, you get them designed and printed at a reasonable rate. The goal is to keep it simple!

4. What’s on the menu?

Since the aim is not to swing out of the given budget, saving on the food can be the most significant benefit. But how? Here is the solution. Instead of having a lavish buffet for lunch, you could serve some appetizers – Mexican griller sandwiches and tacos; anything that you like. A lavish buffet will not only consume a lot of money, but there are changes that quite a few portions of food might just go wasted. To avoid this, snack and appetizers the best. Good food implies a good party, therefore ensure that you are very selective with the menu and offer some mouth-watering of snack to your guests!

5. Keep the Decoration Simple!

No doubt that decorations light up any party, but you don’t want to blow up all your money on decoration just for the sake of a single day’s celebration. If you are having a party during the day time, then you could incline towards balloon décor. You can go with a theme colour combo and have balloon arcs or balloon columns along the entrance of the venue, adding a very vibrant feel to the party. You can have unique balloon bouquets kept on every table, like a centrepiece. On the other hand, if you’re organising a BBQ or dinner party, then you can decorate the venue with fairy lights – simply amazing! Try not to overdo the décor else it might just take away the look of the party – therefore, keep it simple!

6. Set up a Photobooth

Why not make some memories of such a great day? Don’t just click normal photos but enjoy snapping silly pictures with your near and dear ones. Photobooth rentals are readily available for hire with any reputed party planners. The entire package is usually inclusive of various props like funky hats, silly glasses..and the list goes on. You can always tell your party planner as to the kind of props you wish to have in the list. Watch your party guests become fast friends as they groom and pose in front of your special lens.

You have all the budget-friendly graduation party ideas you need, right at your doorstep! So go ahead and start planning. Make a list of the guests call your party planners and caterers. Don’t forget to check out our Graduation Party packages!

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