Corporate Christmas Party Planner 2023

Everyone is excited for the month of December, the only reason being the Christmas season. As Christmas is nearing, we all are eager for a party – Family or Corporate. While everyone celebrates Christmas at home, you can throw a corporate Christmas party for your employees at the office. A corporate Christmas party sounds so much fun altogether. However, planning is tedious. To make matters simple, Splash N Bounce has come up with a few tips and tricks to plan a hassle-free corporate Christmas party for your employees.

Planning & Budget

Decide whether you want to hold the corporate Christmas party in your office or at an external venue. Mainly the decision will be dependent on your budget and the number of people attending. Send an official invitation to employees. Either send a ‘Save the Date’ email and follow up with formal invitations a month or so before the party, when you have all the details. Also, be creative in the invitation. Let a Graphic designer make an invitation. Great design and texts will help to get everyone excited for the party. Also, let people know if their families are invited or not.

Working out with how much cash you have to splash on different things of the party should be one of the most important things you should plan. This will ensure you do not end up considering options way out of your price range or making promises you can’t keep. Also make sure you have a small cash reserve to cover potential, unforeseen mishaps.

Christmas Party Theme

Think of ideas you can add extra sparkle to your Christmas party. How about making it a Christmas themed party? Popular options include a Christmas masquerade, winter wonderland and nutcracker. If you are opting for a theme party, you need to make sure the decor follows your selected theme, paying attention to what will be the focal points of the event – entrance, reception drinks area, dinner tables and around the dance floor etc.

Also, make sure you tell your team about the Christmas party theme in the invitation so that they get plenty of time to plan their outfits. Also, plan to award the prize to the best dressed to make it more fun!

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Christmas Decoration

Christmas decorations include a Christmas tree, bells, candles, lights, balloons and other decorations. Give it a festive look by hanging lots of sparkly decors. Set the table with traditional colours like red and green. If it’s a themed party decorate accordingly.

Focusing on your budget, you can choose a simple theme like White Christmas theme where you can have all your party decor and table settings in white and have your team dress in white. You can also ask your team to come as their favourite Christmas characters such as Rudolph or Santa.

Santa’s Grotto & Other Activities

Make the party vivacious by having games and entertainment. What’s a Christmas party without a Santa’s Grotto? Surrounded by lit Christmas trees and loaded with gifts, make a Santa’s Grotto as the main attraction of your corporate Christmas party. The Santa’s Grotto is sure to drive in the Christmas vibe. Apart from this, let there be Corporate team building games and activities like a drumming session or a group Quiz. This will make the environment even more engaging and exciting.

Hiring professional entertainment is a fantastic way to take your corporate Christmas party to the next level. There are many different types of entertainment to choose from. Booking a DJ to spin some classic Christmas tracks is a must! You can also hire a karaoke machine and let your team provide their entertainment.

Kids Activities

Many office parties traditionally exclude children but struggling families may appreciate being allowed to bring their children to your Christmas party. Offer a few holiday activities for kids, like a colouring, cookie decorating, or ornament table so they will have something to take home with them. You can also entertain the kids with balloon twisting, a magic comedy show, or a glitter tattoo. Acknowledging that your employees have lives outside the workplace by including their families is a great way to help them feel better about your business.

Now that your corporate party planning blueprint is ready, go ahead and implement the ideas. Make all the arrangements beforehand so that you do not miss on anything. Give your employees a Christmas surprise with the best Corporate Christmas Party.