Create a Joyful Eid Atmosphere: 7 Eid Decoration & Activities to Elevate this Festival with Splash n Bounce

Eid al-Fitr is a celebration that marks the end of Ramadan, bringing together family, friends, and the community. If you’re looking to make Eid memorable in your home, check out Splash n Bounce for all your party needs.

At Splash n Bounce, we pride ourselves on being Dubai’s top party planners. This Eid, let us assist you in turning your home into a festive and lively space. With our eye-catching decorations and fun activities, this Eid will stand out as particularly special.

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Make Your Eid Better with Splash n Bounce

No matter if it’s a small get-together or a big bash, Splash n Bounce has services to suit every type of celebration. Below are 7 ways we can help enhance your Eid festival:

1) Dazzling Eid Decorations: Setting the Stage for Celebration

Start your Eid celebration with amazing home decorations. That’s where Splash n Bounce can help! We have all you need to make your house look festive

Festival Candles & Lighting: Surround your rooms with the cozy light from traditional Eid lanterns. Our collection offers many designs and sizes, giving your space a sense of elegance and heritage.

Mesmerizing Backdrop: Design a designated area for family photos and festive gatherings. Splash n Bounce can create a stunning backdrop adorned with shimmering fabrics, intricate calligraphy with Eid greetings, or even beautiful floral arrangements.

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2) Fun & Engaging Activities: Making Memories that Last

Eid gatherings are best spent with family and friends. Splash n Bounce has a bunch of fun things to do for everyone during the event.

Creative Corner: Eid Card Make those creative sparks fly by making your own Eid cards. Splash n Bounce has got everything you need, from bright paper and pens to sparkly glitter and cool stickers. This lets both kids and adults show their artsy side and make custom cards for people they care about.

Henna Station: Adornments for the Occasion: Henna is an important part of Eid and is known for its detailed patterns. Splash n Bounce can get a pro henna artist to come over and decorate your hands or feet with awesome henna designs, making the party feel fancier and sticking to tradition.

Light Up the Night: Paper Lantern Making: Make an ordinary activity unforgettable. Splash n Bounce offers everything your guests need to craft paper lanterns. Decorate them, light up a candle inside, and see the room burst into a cozy, celebratory light.

Eid activities

3) Creating a Welcoming Space: Eid Seating Arrangements

Having the right seating plan is crucial for a cozy and fun event. Splash n Bounce has several seating choices to meet your requirements

Traditional Majlis Seating: Capture the spirit of Eid with original Majlis-style areas. Splash n Bounce can supply soft cushions and rugs, making an inviting spot for people to chat and connect.

Kid-Friendly Fun Zone: Set up an area just for kids where they can play and unwind. Splash n Bounce offers cozy floor seating decked out in vibrant colors

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4) Sweeten the Festivities: Eid Snacks & Delights

No Eid is complete without some yummy food. Splash n Bounce can set up a tasty selection of classic Eid goodies, like:

Ragak- A fine semolina cake that’s drenched in sweet rosewater syrup. It’s a must-have for Eid.

Arabian Coffee: The inviting smell and the friendly vibe that come with a cup of Arabian coffee are beloved customs at Eid meetups.

eid celeberation

5) Unforgettable Entertainment: Spark Joy with Unique Experiences

Eid is all about joy and fun. Splash n Bounce brings special entertainment to make unforgettable memories

Soothing Melodies: The Enchantment of an Oud Player: Immerse yourselves in the enchanting melodies of the traditional Oud instrument. A skilled Oud player can create a captivating atmosphere, perfect for relaxed gatherings and conversations.

A Cultural Adventure: Camel Riding Experience: Embark on a unique cultural adventure with a camel riding experience. This exciting activity adds a touch of Arabian flair to your Eid celebration and provides a memorable photo opportunity.

6) The Gift of Fun: Exciting Giveaways for All

Eid means sharing and giving gifts. Splash n Bounce can spice up your festivities by offering exciting presents for kids and adults alike. We’ll pick out the best gifts that fit your budget and tastes, making sure everyone goes home happy.

Movie Night Under the Stars: You could also throw an unforgettable open-air movie night assuming the weather’s on our side. We’ve got you covered with all the gear you need – a projector, screen, cozy seats, and even popcorn. It’s a special way to spend Eid night with your nearest and dearest, building memories that will stick around.

Make Eid Unforgettable with Splash n Bounce

Choose Splash n Bounce for your Eid celebration, and you’ll have an amazing time. We’ve got everything from eye-catching decorations to fun activities, tasty snacks, and one-of-a-kind shows. We handle all the details.

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Splash n Bounce, Your Ticket to a Superb Eid

This Eid, go with Splash n Bounce for an awesome experience you won’t forget. Drop by our site or give us a ring. Let’s chat about how to make this Eid one of the best ones yet!

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