Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful Corporate Event Planning

Planning a corporate event is much more than planning a simple birthday party. It involves planning for an entire team, children and adults. You will not only have your employees present but their families too. It is a tremendous task planning for such corporate events. Moreover, you need to list out several other things like venue, invites, decoration, caterers and so on. The corporate event being a resemblance to your company’s portfolio, you need to ensure that you impress each one present.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts listed by out experts at Splash N Bounce which can help you organise a successful corporate event for your employees:


1. Keep track of the budget

Being an organiser gets difficult sometimes. You need to consider so many deadlines and thresholds. Big or small event, you need to ensure that you do not cross the assigned budget. Spending too much and spending too little, both can have an adverse effect. Consuming too much can lead to a negative impression whereas spending too less can portray the company with lack of funds. Ensure that you spend moderately, considering the cost of the venue, decoration, catering, etc. Hire a corporate event planner who can offer you a package at an economical price. Check out our tailor-made corporate event packages.

2. Make Plans Well in Advance

Planning a corporate party is definitely a tedious task. However, with a couple of months in hand, you can make your plans well in advance to ensure that you don’t miss anything. Advance planning will give you enough time to make decisions regarding the date, catering, venue and other arrangements needed for the corporate event. Also, you can send out invites to your guests well in advance so that they can fit it into their busy schedule.

3. Entertainment for All

You don’t want to see your guests get bored at the party. Make sure you have some entertainment in store for all, adults or children. There are a number of corporate games that you can organise to keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout the event. Team building games like an interactive drumming session or Scavenger Hunt are very much ideal for such corporate events. Additionally, don’t forget entertainment for the children. Keeping the young ones engaged in activities can help the parents enjoy a stress-free event without worrying much about their kids getting cranky or bored. Check out our entertainment activity options which are perfect for corporate events!


1. Don’t Cut on the Food

As said earlier, don’t exceed the budget limit for your corporate party. At the same time, don’t cut corners on the food. Food is the soul of any party or event. It is always said that good food implies a good party. Let your guests savour some great dishes! It is not necessary that you arrange for some lavish and extraordinary menu. Even a bunch full of simple dishes but with a great taste would suffice. Hire the best caterers in town to get this job done for you.

2. Take Assistance and Advice while Planning

You need to take the entire responsibility of planning the entire corporate event on your own. You can always ask your employees to volunteer to assist you set up and make specific arrangements. Put together an event planning team and assign each delegate a particular task so that your work is divided and you end up getting the entire event setup done right in time! Having multiple people working and planning for the event can also help drive in more suggestions, and you can merge everyone’s ideas and thoughts to plan a successful corporate event.

3. Don’t Forget the Give Away Gift

Make your guests feel special and thank them for attending your event by presenting them with a giveaway gift. Think of something creative and different that you can gift them. You can have your gifts put in a beautifully decorated gift box or merely give away customised goody bags with your company logo on.

If these tips can’t make your corporate event successful, then nothing else can. Go ahead, plan your event and make it a memorable one! To know more about corporate party planning, get in touch with us. Right from the venue set up to entertainment, we can do it all!