Plan your Corporate Family Day 2019 – The Ultimate Checklist

As we usher our companies into the new year, more and more companies realise how important it is to include the employee’s families when celebrating a year’s good work. Do you want to show your worker, supervisors, team & their family that you care? A corporate family day shows that you are more than the staff, you are a team, you are friends and you are family. If you have been given the responsibility of organising the corporate family day, relax, you have come to the right place.

Here are 10 Tips to Make your Corporate Family Day a Success:

Splash N Bounce has been involved in many corporate parties, corporate family days and Corporate events. Here are a few tips from our experts that can help you make your corporate family day a great success:

1. Planning is the Root to Success

Plan your family day in detail. From design concept to implementation, you need to strategize. A budget for all the necessities that your family day deserves. As an event planner, you need to take everything into consideration. Make sure you don’t have any horrid shocks in your budget by considering economic rates, all prices and hidden charges if any. Remember to ask for packages from your suppliers, party planners or caterers, to ensure you get more for every $ that you spend.

2. Get your Staff Involved

You will need to get input from all levels of the company. What actually worked and didn’t work with last year’s Family Day? You will need their help to organise. Ask your team, ask other staff and take their opinions. Opt for practical ideas and those that are within the budget. Remember that this is all about the guests, not you, so don’t take it personally.

3. Amp your Parties with Theme

Do you have a theme or focus to for you family day event? Your choice of decor, venue & entertainment should all reflect the theme. If you need some great ideas, simply check out our event theme section.

4. Decorations to Make a Good First Impression

Make your decorations inviting! The best solution is to have balloons as the main attraction to your décor. It will make the place look all the more festive and colourful. Have a look at some of our balloon décor ideas.

5. Venue Appropriate for Kids

Sign up for the right space for your corporate Family Day Fun. Choose your location wisely! The choice of setting will not only affect the bottom line for your event but will contribute in a large way to set a tone and will elevate the ambiance for your event. But have you been considering the children that will also be there? You may think of having a customised kids area where the kids can keep themselves engaged in playing around as their parents enjoy the party without worrying about their kids getting bored or cranky.

6. Catering and Special Dietary Requirements

Do you have it all sorted? It’s a tremendously significant party of the event. You need to make all guests feel welcomed, and that you have their dietary needs covered. Do your homework about the general choices as well as cultural differences. Also, keep in mind probabilities of allergic guests if any. No one likes to go hungry!

7. Make your Corporate Family Day Exciting

Use corporate entertainment that lifts their spirits. The best events will touch their hearts & captivate their minds! What will you have at your family day that will amaze them? What about simple things, like balloons? Have you thought about mascots to add life to the day? Face Painters? Clowns? Drumming sessions?

8. An organiser or a Compere

You may need a games organiser who will run the party for you, like greeting the guests, playing adult as well as children games and organising toasts, speeches, performances or specific ceremonies.

9. More Activities More Entertainment

Make sure your guests feel involved and participate, and not remain seated throughout the party. They would be just bored. Have activities for all ages, from face painting, temporary tattoos, arts & crafts for kids, games, cocktails and more.

10. Don’t Forget Safety

Safety is a must in every corporate family day planning. This is your number one concern. You need to ensure that a bit of risk analysis is done and that you have a safety warden on site. With that in mind, you must always have a first aid box, or a professional first aid service onsite fully equipped for any situation. In case you’re organising a pool party, it is advisable to have a lifeguard on site to check on the kids’ safety.


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