Plan Your Corporate New Year Party The Easy Way

The new year is just a leap ahead and it’s time to get ready, set new goals and motivate your employees to work harder in the coming year. The best way to give in a punch is by organising a Corporate New Year party for your employees. Nothing could be better than treating them for their seamless effort and work towards the company, and grow further. Here are some tips that will help you organise a fabulous corporate new year party which will always be remembered by your employees.

1. Fancy New Year Invites

Make it unique. Instead of having the standard party invites, make them a little different this time. For instance, you can make a more corporate-looking invite. Personalised invites to your employees would also be a great idea. If you are planning on cost-cutting with respect to the invites, you can email or send out invites to your employees via social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Make sure you specify the party venue, time and theme if any.

2. Vibrant Decoration

Light up the place with some vibrant colored décor and completely transform a boring office into a perfect corporate new year party venue. Don’t hesitate to put up colorful banners and streamers. They are sure to add up and make your new year party look even more bright and extravagant. Any party is incomplete without balloons. Ideally, you could have a balloon arc just at the entrance and then have some helium balloons floating around the venue making it look all the more festive. If you are having an outdoor party, then the best solution would be lighting up the place with some beautiful lanterns hanging from the tree-tops and some glittery fairy lights than give your venue a cheerful and jovial look.

3. Some Delicious Food

Food is the heart and soul of any party. Good food implies a great party. The guests are sure to judge your party on the food that you serve. So, make sure you list out some delicious food items on your menu so that your guests can enjoy a sumptuous meal on the New Year’s Eve. Having a buffet would be a great idea so that your guests can enjoy all the dishes to the fullest. You can always hire some good caterers who can arrange everything for you within the given budget.

4. Party Music & Photography

Boost up the new year mood with some party music. Let your guests groove to some amazing beats and dance their hearts out. You can also have music in accordance with your party theme. For example, if you have a country theme then you can have some country music that adheres to the theme. You can hire a profession DJ to get the music done right. Also, don’t forget to capture some fantastic moments of this day. Hire a photographer who can take some amazing pictures of your party and guests so that you can make a collection of a bunch full of memories to cherish until the next party.

5. Entertainment for the Little Ones

Not to forget the kids. Make some arrangements so that they too can enjoy the new year party. You can arrange for a customized kids area so that your guests can leave their kids to enjoy themselves as they indulge in conversation with their colleagues. If you’re having a corporate new year event on open grounds, then you could preferably arrange for a bouncy castle for the kids to run and jump around.

These tips are sure to help you arrange a fabulous corporate new year party for your employees. If you are looking for a cost-effective party, you can get great ideas from the 5 Tips to Organise a Cost-Effective Yet Memorable Corporate Holiday Party blog. Start the new year with a bash!