Themed Birthday Party: Which is the Best Theme for You?

How much fun does a themed birthday party sound? So, it’s time to surprise your kid with a themed birthday party – princess or pirate! While themed parties sound exciting, they are equally much of a hassle to arrange for. Our children’s birthday party packages are the finest and extremely likeable by both kids and parents! There are a couple of pre-requisites and arrangements like decoration, tables & chairs, costumes, food and more, that need to be enlisted and put in place to ensure that the birthday party moves smoothly. This can be troublesome at times, especially if you’re a working parent and there is a time-constrain to get all the arrangements done. To reduce the extent of hassle to zero, Splash N Bounce is here with a list of custom-designed children’s birthday party packages to make your kids’ birthday party even more special. We, as kids’ birthday party planner in the UAE, provide you with everything, right from the venue to the entertainment in accordance to the theme that you prefer. Our birthday packages are loaded with various party props ensuring your children are kept entertained the whole time. Our birthday packages are as per your choice. We have a continuous list of themed party packages and here are some of the best theme packages that you might want to consider having your little one’s birthday party.

1. Carnival Theme

A carnival themed birthday party will make the children jump in joy and happiness. We have seen the excitement in the eyes of the little one when you tell them you’re going to take them to watch the city Carnival. A day of celebration filled with fun and entertainment. How about you create the same ambiance at the place of your choice to surprise your kid on their special day? Yes, a Carnival theme party. See the same excitement and enthusiasm in your child when they are surprised with a carnival themed birthday party. A Soupy water slide and a Carnival Bouncy would beautifully add up the party in amazing ways.

2. Frozen Theme

What other day than a birthday to make your little one feel like a princess that she is? If you haven’t thought about it earlier, yes of course a Frozen themed birthday party would be amazing to make her feel special on her special day. Add in an Extreme Arctic Slide Pool with a few other Frozen elements and complete the theme your snow princess wishes to be surrounded by.

3. Mermaid Theme

If your kid is dreaming of a party under the ocean. A question is going to come up “How do I pull it all together?”. From Mermaid birthday invitation to a sea creature themed birthday cake, you’ll want the best of the elements to pull off the perfect kids’ birthday party. A Shark Attack slide, Under the ocean Slide could be the perfect props to use for a such a theme. Wondering what good is a mermaid theme party without pool? This Under the Ocean Slide comes with a pool for an overall experience of a party under the sea.

(Picture credits: https://www.birthdayplanner.co.in/avengers-theme-party/)

4. Avengers Theme

Don’t you want to assemble the little avengers the little ones look up to. Gather the main hero and his team for the special day with the best theme party you could gift the birthday hero. Make him feel is a real hero sliding through the shark attack slide and giving the guests a super hero landing. Alien Invation – A perfect prop for your superhero to destroy the evil aliens and celebrate the win to add up to an amazingly themed birthday party.

(Picture credits: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/496521927639092631/?lp=true)

5. Spiderman Theme

The Spiderman is one of the most adored superheroes among the children. His fancy red and blue costume along with his adventurous swinging makes him a huge hit. No wonder so many kids ask for a Spidey themed birthday party. Like they say “With great power comes great responsibility”, a Spidey themed birthday party would be best to introduce the responsibilities his way in the coming year also filled with the entertainment and adventure our very own Spidey goes through.

We at Splash N Bounce understand that the kid’s birthday party of every client differs. So we curate the kids’ birthday party to the exact needs and requirements, from catering services to games, artists, and entertainment. Get your party started with any of these themes plus a several others to make your little one have a day to remember. If you’re looking out for a party planner who can organize and make all the required arrangements, Splash N Bounce has it all – right from games, party rentals and entertainment that you need for your summer party.