Art Activity for 20 kids

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Art Activity for 20 kids

Price for 2 hours
Ideal for Birthday party, school events, family fun day, corporate events


AED 650.00

There are two types of children’s parties – those where a handful of the kids participate in the activities, and those that include every single child with added gusto. The latter, we have found, come in the form of art and craft parties for kids. And as luck would have it, they just happen to be our speciality here at Splash ‘n Bounce!

If you’re the parent to a young child, you’ve probably been to your fair share of children’s birthday parties, right? Now think back to the ones that truly stand out in your memory. More than likely, they are the ones where your little one got to get their hands dirty. No, not with mud and grime, but rather where each child was given the chance to participate in a creative, hands-on activity. We present: Splash ‘n Bounce arts and crafts for children’s parties.

It’s all well and good to arrange a physical outdoors activity, but maybe your child is more attuned to their creative side. For sweet, sensitive souls, it doesn’t get any more exciting than art and craft parties for kids. Arrange one with Splash ‘n Bounce and we will set up everything they need for an afternoon of one-on-one creative fun. Paper, glue, crayons and stickers – everything their creative minds could desire to let those imaginations run wild.

What do we require from you? Very little. In fact, when you entrust Splash ‘n Bounce to facilitate arts and crafts for children’s parties, it’s actually the kids themselves who call the shots. We provide the artistic tools they need and, before you know it, they’ve come up with inventive creations our adult minds can only dream of. If they’re naturally inclined to crafting creative works, great. But even if they’re not, no sweat. We’ve seen all sorts of little personalities thrive and prosper thanks to our introductory arts course at Splash ‘n Bounce art and craft parties for kids.

How can we be so sure your child will enjoy it? Well, we find out first hand. Before we start planning our arts and crafts for children’s parties, we like to sit with parents and discuss their child’s various likes and dislikes. What are topics that they already enjoy? And how can we incorporate these to create a personalized party experience that appeals to them as well as their invited guests. If there are any additional ways we can find to make our arts and crafts for children’s parties special and unique to your child, best believe we will!

But it’s not just art and craft parties for kids that we arrange. At Splash ‘n Bounce, we’ll work with you to turn any group event into a creative triumph. Arranging a school event, a family fun day or even a parent-child get-together? We will assist you in tailor making an artistic day like no other.

Not sure how the crazy Dubai weather will factor into your special day? Or maybe you’re working with a limited space to entertain a group of 20 children? One of Splash ‘n Bounce’s arts and crafts for children’s parties sound artistically designed just for you. Paintbrushes at the ready… it’s time to get artsy!

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The team at ‘Splash N Bounce’ aims to deliver experiences that draw on your imagination and makes your children’s birthday party a big success.

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