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Here’s something for kids of all ages – yes, that includes the young at heart, too! When was the last time you played the vintage game if jenga? You remember the one – loads of wooden blocks stacked neatly in a tower. One by one, a single block is removed with each turn. Cause the tower to fall over though and you lose the game. Sound familiar? Now you get to relive the fun all over again with our incredible life size jenga rental.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good throwback? Yes, even the younger generation does as well (the ever-popular #throwback hashtag is proof of it). And when said throwback has the ability to unite all ages from young to old, even better. This giant jenga rental from Splash ‘n Bounce might just be the ultimate leisure activity to suit every age group. The speed and agility of youth might not necessarily win you the round. With a life size jenga rental, it’s all about precision and technique.

It’s not every day that a game comes along where the older generation can teach the youngsters how it’s really done. Enter: the giant jenga rental – perfect for family gatherings and even Granny’s weekly bridge club! Call up Splash ‘n Bounce for a party trick like no other. Get your teenager off of their smart phone and an active part of the gaming fun – we’re willing to bet they’ve never had their grandparents school them in the fine art of block building!

So how does it all work? With the life size jenga rental from Splash ‘n Bounce, you get to experience the jenga family fun for a two-hour period. We’ll deliver the giant jenga rental to your home or, if you prefer, you can collect it from our Splash ‘n Bounce headquarters. Once it’s all set up, the true competitive fun can really get going.

Begin by stacking all of the wooden blocks in a tall, sturdy tower – the level of intricacy and difficulty is totally up to you. Each player then gets a turn to remove one block at a time from the 2 metre tall structure.

Who will win the ultimate jenga challenge? Will it be the experienced Dad, the sulky teen or will Grandma pull a surprise win out of the bag? It’s all to play for with your very own giant jenga rental.

Watch the tension mount as player by player gingerly pulls out a single block with various degrees of calm and calamity. You will never have seen intense concentration like this before. As each person figures out their own tricks and winning strategy, so the real experts of the game will begin to emerge. Are you really as calm under pressure as you once thought? Only a tight game of life size jenga rental will tell!

And so, the real masters in this technical challenge of giant jenga rental come to the fore. Can the zest and enthusiasm of youth overcome the wisdom that comes with experience? Find out by giving Splash ‘n Bounce a ring. We guess the only thing left to say really is: Game on!

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