Popcorn machine with 50 servings

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Popcorn machine with 50 servings

Price for 2 hours

Ideal for Birthday party, school events, family fun day


AED 550.00

Birthday parties come in all shapes and sizes. What sets the average ones apart from the extraordinary? Snacks that children genuinely love and prefer. Chips and pretzels or freshly-made popcorn made right in front of their eyes? Popcorn wins every time. That’s precisely where Splash ‘n Bounce has you covered. Ring us up before your next party and we’ll do the rest – popcorn machine rental Dubai made easy.

When it comes to entertaining a group of children, there’s a big difference between serving up pre-packaged snacks and the real thing. When you rent a popcorn machine for a party with Splash ‘n Bounce, your kids get to watch their favourite snack being made from beginning right until the finished product.

So what exactly is involved when you rent a popcorn machine for a party? You get the added bonus of a Splash ‘n Bounce party representative to operate it all for you. As you sit back and relax, an expert takes care of all technical aspects and hard work for you. Ever seen your little one’s eyes light up as they witness something for the very first time? Your popcorn machine rental Dubai won’t only make your child the coolest kid on the playground, it will teach them a brand new process too.

Just what can you expect when you rent a popcorn machine for a party with Splash ‘n Bounce? Well, the works, basically. Give us the date, time and venue of your event and we’ll arrange a popcorn machine rental Dubai for you. Each machine comes equipped for a total of 50 servings. With little appetites to satisfy, we’re sure that will be more than enough.

But don’t think your popcorn machine rental Dubai needs to be restricted to birthday parties only. Basically give us any event that could do with some popping savoury fun and we’ll sort you right out. Do you have a school sports day that you need to cater for? Or perhaps even a corporate event with a dose of themed party fun? Call us to rent a popcorn machine for a party and Splash ‘n Bounce will be there.

We can hear the concerned mums and dads out there worried about the quality of our popcorn kernels. And we fully understand too – you want your little ones eating only the healthiest, top quality snacks. You can be assured that a popcorn machine rental Dubai comes with Splash ‘n Bounce’s stamp of approval. Only the tastiest, crunchiest and yes, healthiest popcorn will do. When you rent a popcorn machine for a party with us, you can be guaranteed the best air-popped snack with only a minimal salt content for added flavour.

We haven’t even mentioned the presentation yet. Our popcorn machine rental Dubai has been designed with children in mind. Every serving of fresh popcorn is presented to kids in an individual movie-style container while the popcorn machine itself is adorned in bright colours and a bold, engaging design. The entire experience is intended to delight and charm little ones as they gaze upon their special snack being prepared for them. Ready for a taste? Splash ‘n Bounce popcorn is ready to be served!

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