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Price for 2 hours

Grass only

SIZE (L x B x H ) :
12m x 6m

Birthday Party, Corporate Event, School Event


AED 1,250.00

Calling all future football stars! Where do you stand in the whole Messi versus Ronaldo debate? If you can’t make up your mind one way or the other, you’re not alone. Here’s one way to settle the debate once and for all. We propose an altogether different type of ball sport – soapy football Dubai, the next footballing sensation.

Don’t get us wrong – ordinary football is great and all, but where’s the real challenge in that? A game of soap football Dubai presents a whole host of new challenges. Ever tried dribbling a football that’s covered in soapy suds? Or how about trying to tackle a star striker on a pitch so slippery you end up doing the moonwalk? You’ll be promised laughs galore, that’s for sure! Technical Messi magic… maybe not so much.

So let’s talk logistics. What goes into arranging a game of soapy football Dubai? The answer starts with you. Give us a spacious patch of grass to work with and Bob’s your uncle. Your backyard will work just fine, as long as it’s larger than 12 metres by 6 metres to fit our specially designed Splash ‘n Bounce soap football Dubai pitch.

Next up: the players. Here’s where you get to be creative. Channel your inner Pep Guardiola and make up your dream soapy football Dubai league to beat all others. The spacious expanse of the Splash ‘n Bounce soap football pitch is designed to accommodate soap football stars both young and old. Treat your kids and all their little footie friends to a game of friendly soap football Dubai fun. Who knows? You might even be entertaining a young Mo Salah right in your midst!

And then, once the little tykes are all tired out, you get to advance to the premier league – albeit, the grown-up playoffs of soap football Dubai. In these days of growing football fever, a day spent playing soap football Dubai may be just what your next social gathering needs. Build an entire event around it – your soccer-loving toddler’s next birthday bash, or even your football-loving husband’s upcoming special day!

Watch your usually demure friends turn into impassioned football aficionados.  An unfair tackle in the penalty area, a goal scored from an offside position or a blatant handball front of goal… who knew soapy football Dubai could be so competitive?

The World Cup knockout stage will be nothing compared to the joy and gusto that comes with a one-on-one game of soap football Dubai. Worried about safety? You needn’t be. As the Splash ‘n Bounce soapy football Dubai pitch is fully inflatable, any slips ands tumbles will be nothing more than a hearty bounce (okay, maybe a bruised ego or two, but who’s counting, right).

With no sharp edges or solid barriers involved, soapy football Dubai stars will enjoy a day of safe, harmless fun on a large slip ‘n slide. Think of it as a horizontal jumping castle with a competitive element thrown in for good measure. Think Messi or Ronaldo could handle a game of soap football Dubai? We’d love to see them try!

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