5 Best Corporate Entertainment Ideas: #5 Has Never Failed

Well, guests like good food and drinks. But what about the entertainment? No one would enjoy a party which lacks entertainment, may it be games or live performances. If you are planning on organising a Corporate event for your employees and are still confused as to what kind of entertainment you should have at your event so that your guests enjoy, we have got the right recipe assured to keep them engaged!

Our corporate event entertainment services are tailored to your unique needs. Our experts at Splash N Bounce know what is best for you and guarantee that these 5 entertainment ideas will make your Corporate event a success:

1. Face Painting

a kid happy with his face paint

Colour, Colour, everywhere! Face painting is really entertaining and your guests, especially the kids, are sure to get their faces painted with beautiful designs of vivid colours. It adds a sense of vibrance and excitement to the party and will save your guests from boredom. Check out our impressive face painting service, where we provide various face and body art. Moreover, we at Splash N Bounce make use of UK produced non-toxic paints.

2. Jugglers

Juggler at Splash N Bounce event management company in Dubai

Take your corporate entertainment to the next level with walkabout jugglers who mix and mingle with your guests and keep them entertained. In this way, you are not keeping your guests idle. They can dine and drinks while they watch these ambient entertainers put forth their juggling skills with a wow-factor! Want to know more about our professional jugglers who can perform unseen stunts and keep your guests entertained all day long?

3. Interactive Drumming Session

Nothing could be better than an interactive drumming session where all the guests come together like a team. It creates more of a team-building atmosphere mixed with fun and entertainment which is very important for the people working in your firm. Our interactive drumming session is ideal for such corporate events. Such activities bring in the sense of teamwork, decision making, collaboration and interaction in a fun way.

4. Stilt Walkers

If you are hosting a huge corporate event this year, then having stilt walkers is an apt solution for entertainment. They will not only welcome your guests but also keep them entertained throughout the party. Check out our professional stilt walkers, with a wide range of costumes to choose from, who will keep any crowd entertained.

5. Customised Kids Area

When you’re organising a corporate event like a family day for your employees, don’t forget to have some entertainment for the kids in-store. Keeping the kids engaged and entertained can help the parents relax for a while and enjoy themselves with their colleagues. We at Splash N Bounce, believe that it is essential that the kids are safe and secure with whatever activities they are indulged in. Therefore, we provide a self-contained and secure kids entertainment area so that parents too can enjoy a hassle-free event.

These corporate entertainment tips are good enough to help you organise a fun-filled and exciting corporate event for your guests, where they dine, drink and enjoy to the fullest with family and friends.

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