6 Tips for Organizing a ‘Kid-Friendly’ Eid Party

After a spiritually engaged month of fasting during Ramadan, it’s now time to prepare for the celebrations of Eid. Eid is a time for celebration and delight, showing our gratitude to Allah, meeting relatives and friends, and sharing with the needy. It is a time to come together with your loved ones and celebrating the blessings received in our lives. These fun times are memories that our children will hold onto for years to come. It doesn’t get more exciting than this for your kids. So, why not make your kids’ Eid memorable and fun-filled by throwing a party for them and their friends? Children’s Eid parties need not be expensive or extravagant to be enjoyed by your kids. A small and simple, but creative party will help them, and their friends enjoy the festival of Eid. Here are a few tips that will inspire you to throw an enthralling and unique Eid party for your children.

1. Get your kids involved

As a kid, didn’t you like to engross yourself into the plans and preparations for Eid? Get your children into the festival mood of Eid. Kick-start the party with ideas and suggestions for decorations, food to be prepared and activities to be hosted. Nothing would be more enticing to the kids than selecting a party theme, or their favourite food. Get nostalgic and have fun like the good old times with cousins and younger siblings by playing board games or quizzes. Well, if you are organising a party at home then get set to rearrange the furniture to maximise your space and decorate your home to make it look all the more festive. Alternately, if you are in a hurry and lack enough time to make arrangements, you should consider hiring a best-in-town party organiser.

2. All about the Food and Snacks

No denying! Eid is all about the food as a part of the celebration. Well, as far as the kids are concerned, they would definitely want to see their favourite, mouth-watering delicacies on the table. Therefore, while planning on the menu, keep in mind to consider the food and snacks which are kid-friendly. Also, you can get your kids to decorate the food table so that your home looks festive; perfectly suitable for Eid. So if you’re organising a party all by yourself at home or a venue other than your home, don’t forget to take suggestions from your kids. You can also opt-in for the best caterers in town to make your Eid celebrations more smooth and delightful.

3. The Table for Desserts

There is only one thing that will get your kids excited and enthusiastic. It is entirely the cakes and desserts! Make the dessert table the heart of your home this Eid! Decorate the table to make it look all the more enticing. Place a beautiful tablecloth and fill the table with sweet treats, cakes and a few healthy options too. Also, fill up the empty spaces on the dessert table by placing a few candy jars and cookies that will make it more appealing and exciting to the kids. So let your kids enjoy the sweetness of Eid with a bunch of treats.

4. Eid Balloon Column

Need a ‘little something colourful’ to complete the look of your Eid party? Balloons always find its own way to lighten up the party. You can have all the decorations that you made or sourced from all the over of the world but the happiness kids have when they play with balloons cannot be replaced by any other form of decor. So, in this case, you would consider arranging balloon columns either at the entrance or near the food table which will not only add elegance to your Eid party but also will grab everyone’s eyeballs. Alternately, you can also set up something like a balloon arch used as a perfect blend to the theme of your party, to make it look much more appealing. Well, if you are an artistic enthusiast, then you could make these elements with balloons all by yourself. However, if you seem to be caught up with work prior to your Eid party, then you can also avail these from the nearest party organisers.

5. Henna and Eid

Mehndi is an art of painting henna elaborate patterns on the body. Eid is considered incomplete without henna. Kids mehndi designs are something which should reflect the beauty of youth. There are many mehndi designs, may it be a floral henna mehndi that looks beautiful in the simplest way, or a sophisticated yet mesmerising design that will make your hands look apt for the occasion of Eid. So, if your kids are genuinely inspired on getting a perfect henna mehndi design to make their hands looks even more dazzling this Eid, you can hire a henna artist or probably get a mehndi done for you by your friends or relatives.

Splash N Bounce Volunteer is helping children to get ready to fun party in Dubai

6. Fun Activities for Kids

This Eid, all you want is for your kids to have a great time. Even the bravest parents quake at the thought of entertaining their children with party games and activities! Have your kiddos engrossed in stuff like Islamic quizzes and other art & craft activities to boost up the party mood. Traditional party games such as balloon pop, blind man’s buff, musical bumps never lose their appeal and are a great way to keep your kids entertained. On the other hand, you can also arrange activities like face painting, balloon twisting, fancy dress and much more.

So don’t get stressed out planning fun and festive Eid party for your little ones. You don’t need to celebrate Eid in an expensive way to be enjoyed by your kids. You can use the above tips to plan your kids Eid party and make it memorable one.