Best Corporate Event Decoration Ideas for Your Next Event

Corporate events are avenues for strengthen professional ties and boosting employee morale. With rising importance of employee engagement in companies, CEOs and HR teams have begun to give more importance to such activities and corporate event planning.

As these events vary in size, corporate event decoration is one area that cannot be taken lightly. An exhibition stall set up differs from the design of an awards night. There would be a definitive business objective behind all corporate events. Corporate event planning should take these into consideration and deck up the venue accordingly.

Here are some Corporate Event decoration ideas:

1. Entrance décor

corporate event decoration ideas

First impressions always make an impact. So, make sure your entrances are done up to create a wow effect with your visitors. These also give an idea to visitors about the tone of the event and about what they should expect when they go inside.

Some commonly used ideas in corporate event decoration for entrances are –

For example, balloon arcs and balloon columns are a great and interesting way to use balloons to make the entrance look colorful, appealing and inviting. They are simple, yet beautiful and are good for enhancing other decorations too. You can use them as fillers too or as part of décor for the whole venue by placing them here and there.

2. Ceiling decoration

corporate event decoration ideas

Use ceiling decoration to add a WOW factor to your venue. An aesthetically done heavy ceiling décor would lessen the requirement for unnecessary décor on ground. This would in turn give you more space for your event.

For corporate event decoration, ceilings can be done up with some of these –

  • Leaves like maple leaves

  • Lighting and colour

  • Projections

  • Balloons

  • Flowers

  • Fun, colour popping props like umbrellas

  • Hand paintings or art

3. Decorative backdrops

corporate event decoration ideas

While thinking of decorative backdrops in corporate event planning, you should keep your brand as well as the event theme in mind. Simple and effective, these are usually visually catchy and striking. They are used to convey messages, promote products, and enhance theme or even aid in brand recognition. These can be customized to suit any venue type and size.

4. Stage decoration

corporate event decoration ideas

Stage decoration forms an important part of corporate event decoration. A stage design that doesn’t fail to impress is important to give a memorable and inspirational experience to the attendees. Use the space available in creative ways to complement the speakers of the event, boost brand messages, accentuate a presentation etc. Use lighting solutions to transform the feel and look of the venue, to put together an unforgettable experience.

5. Seating arrangement

corporate event decoration ideas

Any corporate event planning is incomplete without choosing the right seating style, one that will set the tone for your event and also make your guests feel comfortable. It can make a significant difference both in a negative and a positive way.

These are some of the popular styles of seating –

  • Banquet

  • Family

  • Cabaret

  • Auditorium

  • Classroom

  • Conference

  • Cocktail

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