How to be prepared for your kid’s 1st birthday party

One Year old baby birthday celebration at Splash N Bounce event management company in Dubai

Your darling baby is turning one soon. This is a significant milestone in his or her life that is worthy of a celebration. However, the planning and preparation involved in throwing the first party may seem like a daunting task! You do not know where or how to begin. You would like a professional helping hand, but at the same time, you want to keep the cost down.

With an event management company like Splash n Bounce, you can have the perfect party that is not only hassle-free but also easy on your pocket. We offer different party packages as well as a range of party supplies, products and entertainment services at an affordable cost on a 2-hour rental basis. This way you can opt and pay for exactly what you need. Our specialist will help you get the best for the price you pay and make your child’s big day the perfect special occasion to share with family and friends.

Before approaching any event organizer, it would be helpful if you could prepare yourself to answer a few basic questions an event planner is likely to ask you.

The exact date and location of the event

It’s essential to provide the precise date of the event or party so the event planner can block the date for you. Some may prefer having the party in your own garden or backyard, while others may need help choosing a venue. In such cases, it’s essential to decide whether you want an indoor or outdoor venue and at least have a couple of places in mind. Otherwise, it will take a significant amount of time deciding on the venue.

Prepare your guest list

Have a guest list ready and split your guest list by the number of kids and adults. At Splash n Bounce, we offer a range of entertainment and activities for both kids and adults.

Decide on a budget per person

This helps you understand what a reasonable budget for your party is. Breaking the overall budget down into a per person rate will help us see what we have to work with.

Choose a fun theme

You don’t have to follow a theme, but sometimes picking one makes it easier to focus on the colors, decorations and other party details. At Splash n Bounce, we offer a wide range of theme packages for boys, girls and both turning one. Our packages also include theme invites, theme decorations and table setting and a lot more. Additionally, we can also arrange a themed birthday cake for you.


If you want to save cost, you could consider cooking from home. However, if you would like to relax and focus on your event and your guests, we offer professional catering services that will save you time and effort. You can let us know of any food allergies, and we can design a menu that is both kid and adult friendly.

Three must-have elements for your party

This could range from photography services to hiring a mascot or a magician or any other entertainer or a photo-booth or a game organizer or arranging for music and MC. The list is endless. So, if you could pre-decide what the three must-have elements for your party, it will help shape your overall budget more precisely.