How to Keep the Kids Entertained at a Summer Holiday party

A holiday party sounds fun! You’ve probably decided on the venue and made a list of guests who are going to attend the party. But what about the parents who will be getting along their little ones? Sometimes, it turns out to be a bit troublesome to take care of children while you try to enjoy at a party.

Your guests’ kids might end up getting cranky or bored if they do not find an entertaining spot at your summer holiday party. That can mean long stretches of sitting at a table, waiting for food, missed naps and sleep, etc., which could all prompt emergencies when the little ones are bored.

Yet, don’t give it a chance to worry you to an extreme – with a bit of extra planning, you can limit the odds of helping your guests manage their kids and keep them entertained throughout the summer holiday party. Here are some suggestions from Splash N Bounce to keep the little guests engaged during the party —regardless of whether you’re having it at home or any other venue. An additional advantage is that most of these entertainment and activities support learning, creativity and interaction.

1. Art & Craft Activities

Let your guests give their kids a chance to participate in a creative, hands-on activity. Keep the children engaged in art and craft activities, exploring their creative sides!

All kids love drawing, painting and paper cut-outs – so it is definitely a brilliant idea to organise for some crayons, water colours, glue, paper and scissors so that the little ones can have fun while their parents indulge in talk with the other adults.

2. Balloon Twisting

One thing that never goes out of style – Balloons. Hire a well-trained balloon twister to entertain the children with his/her balloon twisting skills, displaying various shapes of balloons.

Watch the kids jump for excitement at the sight of the balloon maker, trying to twist and twirl the colourful balloons into cute little objects. The balloon maker is sure to captivate each and every one at your summer holiday party. Not only children, but everyone can enjoy!

3. Face Painting  

Kids love face painting! When their faces are coloured in bright glittering colours, their face lights up and so does the vibe of the holiday party.

From flowers to butterflies, let the little ones decide what they wish to have painted on their faces. You can hire a creative face painter or face painting team to have an unforgettable and colourful experience for the kids.

4. Funky Photobooth

All kids love clicking silly pictures with their friends and family, regardless of where we are. Then why not for a summer holiday party? Arrange for a funky photobooth with all kinds of weird and funny props.

Let the children have fun and get clicked while their parents enjoy alongside. Not only will the kids get some awesome photographs but will also become fast friends with the other children as they primp and pose in front of the camera.

5. Magic Show

What could be more entertaining for children than a Magician displaying some amazing tricks! Watch the little one’s gasp with glee as the magician shows them some unbelievable magic tricks. Hire a professional magician which will keep the kids indulged throughout the show as he shows off his most inventive tricks of his magic show. See the little ones amazed and entertained throughout the party.

These are some great ideas that will help you keep the kids entertained throughout the holiday party. Don’t forget to check out our collection of amazing products and services for your summer holiday party.