5 Prerequisites You Need To Know Before You Plan A Corporate Event

Having the responsibility of planning a corporate event or party for your company is always tricky and needs a lot of pre-planning so that you don’t miss out on even the smallest details where your event might go wrong or your guests might get disappointed. A corporate event represents your company portfolio and therefore it becomes a priority to arrange and set up everything, may it be the décor or the catering, in the most presentable manner. Last minute planning can be unfavourable at times; in fact, most of the times! Therefore, our event planning experts at Splash N Bounce always recommend that you keep in-store some prerequisites for your corporate event planning to have a successful conclusion. Here are 5 primary corporate party planning prerequisites you need to know before you take the next step in planning:

1. What is the objective of your Corporate Event?

Many a time we fail to realise that corporate event planning is utterly different from planning a birthday party — the differentiating point is the ‘Objective’. Before you do anything else, you need to be clear with the objective of your event. Firstly, you need to know who will attend the event. Take into account the type of guests and the number of guests who will attend your corporate event. The next thing you need to decide on is the theme of your event. This has to be constantly kept in mind throughout the planning process such that all the bits and pieces are planned in accordance with the theme. Another critical aspect is marketing and promoting your event. You surely want people to know that your company is holding a fabulous event! Therefore, you need to pre-plan the sources and mediums of promoting your event and keeping people updated.

2. Have you made a checklist?

A checklist is very important to ensure that you have everything in place for your corporate event. This should be done well in advance so that you have enough buffer time to check on or arrange for anything that might be missing. Hiring party planners, arranging for the catering, checking on the decorators, everything needs to be shortlisted beforehand. Moreover, this checklist will help you keep track of your planning progress. Another thing that you need to remember is, you don’t have to do it all alone. You can look for volunteers who are willing to share the planning job and assign each one a task so that your work is evenly spread and you can put in efforts into other parts of the planning. Create a checklist to line up all the stuff that needs to be put in place for a successful corporate event.

3. Have you planned on the budget and time?

Money, the most important part of any event planning! It is important to make assumptions beforehand on the expenditure. Corporate events are undoubtedly expensive, but you need to mark a threshold limit of spending and try to save up as much as possible. This can be done by cutting unwanted costs, for example, instead of having a lavish buffet, you can have a few yet tasty food items on the menu. Also, instead of having your venue decked up with heavy decorations, you might want to have a few theme-coloured helium balloons which will make your venue look just perfect! The second most important thing after money is time…You need to decide on and fix a date for your corporate event considering various factors such as the seasons of the year and availability of guests. You certainly don’t want the rains to step-in at the wrong time. Also, you want all your guests to attend the event. Therefore, you need to fix a date where they are unoccupied, especially on weekends. This needs to be decided well in advance as well.

4. Is there a backup plan?

There might be a power-cut or the rains might just want to drop by, you never know when the unforeseen circumstances might appear! The aim is to be prepared for the worst. That’s what you call a perfect party planning. To avoid any last-minute panic, you need to ensure that there is a backup for everything. You don’t want your music to turn off in the middle of your event due to any malfunctioning of your AV equipment or anything going wrong in the catering that might affect your guests. The goal is to keep your guests entertained and ensure that they enjoy to the fullest, without a glitch.

5. Are you keeping in touch with the planners?

A very effective way to avoid any miscalculations in planning is to communicate with your planners and suppliers. You need to continually be in touch with them and get your work done on time. See to it that everything is arranged well in advance, depending upon its availability and time taken to set up. We might assume that the small tasks do not require advance planning without realising that these are the things that actually decide the success or failure of the event. Even the smallest of smallest tasks need to be taken into consideration before you go ahead with the next steps of planning. Situations might occur where you might assume that waiters are a part of the catering and if that is not the case, then you will have to hunt for waiters at the last moment. Therefore, it is necessary to keep these things in mind so that your corporate event is a success.

These are a few prerequisites that you must be aware of before you proceed with the actual corporate event planning. Our corporate event planning experts at Splash N Bounce can help you with the venue, entertainment, catering and all that you need to make your Corporate Event a successful one. Ask us how!