5 Questions you need to ask your Caterer before Hiring them for your Corporate Event

Getting the right catering service for your corporate event is tedious sometimes. Hiring the wrong caterers can create a blunder and dampen the smooth flow of your event. You surely don’t want our guests to remember a “not to great” buffet. Food is the heart of any event or party. So, make sure you give your guests some fantastic snacks and food, in a way that they always cherish having a great event organised by your firm or community. Want to know how? Here are some things you need to keep in mind before you opt for catering services for your corporate event, may it be a family fun day or a community event. Make sure you inquire about every piece and bit of the service that you are willing to receive from your caterers. Ask them these questions.

1. What exact services does their package include?

When caterers quote you for a package for your corporate event, it is your right to know what all services do the package include. You surely don’t want to do the “last minute” running around to arrange for certain things that your caterer may not include in the package. Ask them if these provide all the services that you’re looking for, other than the food, for example, waiters, table service, bartenders, clearing and cleaning after the event, etc. In addition to this, enquire about the number of staff and equipment they are getting at the venue so that you don’t end up having insufficient waiters to serve your guests.

2. Check and Verify all the Terms and Conditions

It is essential to check the policy and guidelines of the catering firm that you wish to hire for your corporate event. Most of the caterers have a specific timing of the day during which they operate, certain services which are additional and incur a separate cost, etc. Verify and clear any doubts if any, before you make your payment. Also, don’t skip on checking their cancellation policy, refund policy, and other important terms and conditions that might matter to you.

3. Is their equipment in good condition?

Tasty food and hygiene come hand in hand. So, never compromise on hygiene and cleanliness. Make sure all the cutlery and equipment are clean, not broken and in good condition. No one wants to find a dirty or broken plate. From the buffet table arrangement to everything else, make sure your caterers arrange all of it in an elegant and presentable manner, this point being the describing scenario of the party.

4. Any additional charges?

Some caterers offer only limited services within the given package. If any additional services are required, they might charge extra. Sometimes, a few others might charge you based on hourly consumption of drinks or food or preferably on the number of drinks and so on. So, make sure you have all these queries discussed with your caterer beforehand.

5. Communication is a must

This point may not seem to be so important, but it should definitely not be ignored. The staff should be able to communicate effectively with the guests, to comprehend their needs and requirements, i.e. basic communication is a must. Discuss with your caterers with regards to this aspect. You surely want to avoid even the slightest glitch for your corporate event.

So, the worry of deciding the right catering service for your corporate event should diminish with these tips. Just make sure you confirm and verify all the above-mentioned points with your caterer. You can also check out our blog on 6 Pro Tips To Make Your Corporate Family Fun Day A Success which will help you plan your corporate event in other aspects. Rest assured, your corporate event is going to be bang on!


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