Graduation Party Décor Ideas: How About Balloons?

Are you planning for a graduation party for your child who is going to be a high-school graduate soon? Still confused about the decoration? How about decking up the venue with some colourful balloons? Everyone, young or old, like balloons. They undoubtedly add a spark to any occasion. You can go in for balloons of different colours and make your party look vibrant, or you could simply stick to your favourite theme-coloured combo. Ask your child which is his/her favourite colour! You can do so much with balloons. Here are some fantastic balloon décor ideas by the party planning experts at Splash N Bounce:

1. Balloon Arch

A theme-coloured balloon arch for your graduation party can grab the attention of your guests right at the entrance of the venue. Balloon arches often look elegant and never fail to add a spark to any occasion, may it be a birthday party, corporate event or graduation party. If you don’t have a particular graduation party theme or theme colour, you can have a balloon arch made of multiple coloured balloons to add a cheerful and jovially mood to the graduation party.

2. Balloon Columns

If the idea of a balloon arch does not seem to fancy you, how about balloon columns instead? These also add an elegant and classy look when placed at the entrance of the venue on either side. If you wish to add more than two balloon columns, you can place a couple of balloon columns along the entire path of the entrance, giving your graduation party an elegant vibe. Once again, you choose a theme-coloured duo or multi-coloured balloon columns.

3. Balloon Bouquets

How about balloon bouquets on the cocktail tables? Simply tie together 3-4 helium balloons, and there you go…you got your beautiful balloon bouquets ready in no time! Balloon bouquets make a great centrepiece. Instead of having the standard centrepieces placed on the tables, make such unique balloon bouquets to add a vibe to your child graduation party.

4. Helium Balloon Arch

You can use helium balloons in many ways. One way to make the best use of helium balloons would be having a helium balloon arch. This helium balloon arch is similar to the standard balloon arch, however, here you need to make use of helium balloons. Add this colourful arc at the entrance of your venue and it is sure to grab everyone’s attention!

5. Popsicle Balloons

Balloon popsicles are ideal to be used as a centerpiece and can be kept on each table. So, instead of balloon bouquets, you could use these. Also, you could place these popsicle balloons on the food table to make it look even more enticing. Balloon popsicles are simple to make. You can do them by yourself, or if you are hiring a party planner, you can ask them to include it in the décor package.

6. Balloon Backdrop

Another creative décor idea with balloons would be a balloon backdrop. Also, known as a balloon wall, this balloon backdrop adds a jaw-dropping look to any party and can be used for a photobooth as well. The balloon backdrop also makes for a great grandstand or feature to highlight a gift or snack table. Simply tell your party planners your requirements and they will come, inflate and construct a wonderful balloon wall for your graduation party.

Balloons are always amazing! Make your child’s graduation party one of a kind with a completely decked up venue decorated with lots of balloons. Balloon décor never fails to impress anyone and light up the party. Party planning is difficult but not impossible. Plan the perfect graduation party with Splash N Bounce. You can also read Budget-Friendly Graduation Party: Did You Know How? to ease your planning effort. Planning for a graduation party any sooner? Get in touch with us to avail the most unique balloon décor and elevate the look of your graduation party.


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