The Back-to-School Party Planner Guide

When summer vacations are about to come to an end, and school is just a few days ahead, it is not always easy for parents to convince their kids to get back to school. Not all kids are excited to lift their school bags and get back to the books and boring classrooms. Help your child get ready for the new school year and boost up the back-to-school mood by organizing a “Back to School” party bash. This is an excellent way for children to reconnect with school friends and celebrate the end of summer with their family. Take a look at our back-to-school party planner guide to get the best ideas.

1. A Perfect Invitation

Decide on sending out creative back-to-school themed invitations to all your guests. This will help you ensure that you set the right tone for your back to school theme party from the beginning. You can also make handmade invitations of desired shapes related to the theme. Consider having unique and personalized invitations like apple-shaped or blackboard-shaped invitation cards. You can also design an invitation in the form of a report card, perfectly adhering to the back to school theme.

2. School Themed Decorations

Create your next impression by setting up a school themed décor. You can choose colors like red, yellow, green or blue which match with the school party decoration color scheme. Decorate the place with these colored balloons to make the party look even more lively and delightful. To add a touch of the school days, you can have a small hanging blackboard with a welcome message or party quotes written in chalk. Jars filled with colorful pens and pencils can be used as showpieces on tables.

3. Theme Based Cake

Along with the entire back-to-school theme, a similar sort of cake would be a cherry on the top. You can have a cake in the shape of a notebook, or a pencil or any other design that you would like. Choosing the right flavor is also equally important. You can take suggestions from your kids on deciding the cake design, as the back-to-school party is solely meant for them. Make sure you place an order for your cake well in advance, else you might have to work it out with a regular cake.

4. Back-to-School Food

Don’t forget the foremost part of the party: Food. It is something that people always remember the most about any party. Your party is said to be complete if your guests enjoy a sumptuous and delightful meal. To make it all the more creative, decide on having a unique menu inspired by the school tiffin box. For instance, you can have some cheese sandwiches with a variety of sauces and dips. Don’t forget to have some chocolate and vanilla flavored ice creams for dessert.

5. Goody Bags

Last but not the least, make sure you end the party on a good note by giving out goody bags to all your guests. Fill your goody bags with fancy pencils, erasers, crayons and other stationery that the kids can carry with them to school. You can also put in the goody bags, stickers and personalized notepads with each guests’ names.

Bravo! You can now follow this back-to-school party planner guide and arrange a unique and memorable party for your kids before they get back to their books. Give your kids an exciting hike to start the new term.

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