Top 5 Pool Party Rentals That You’ll Definitely Need for Your Pool Party

Are your little ones looking for a mini-vacation this summer? Break the searing summer heat by throwing a perfect pool party for the kids and their friends where they could spare some time by the pool on the weekend and splash around with their friends. Well, if it’s going to be a pool party, then you might need to look out for some pool party rentals. Not sure what you need? Don’t worry. Splash N Bounce has a list of rentals which you might want to hire for your next pool party.

1. Extreme Arctic Slide

This pool party rental slide is a perfect addition to your pool party. Kids would love to slide down and splash – into the pool! The extreme arctic slide comes with a beautifully printed Arctic scenery and hence the name. This slide can prove to be an adventure to the little monsters looking to make the best of this summer party. The height on this water slide is 4.7m and will need a pool at your venue.

2. Shark Attack Slide

Here is another thrilling pool party rental waterslide by Splash N Bounce. Well, this shark-themed slide is somewhat similar to the Extreme Arctic Slide but comes with a 3m height and not to forget the shark print on the slide, giving it an aquatic look. Place this near the pool and watch the little one slide their way down!

3. Under The Ocean Slide

Why only a shark when you can have all the water animals at your pool party. Wouldn’t your kids be amused? Presenting you the “Under The Ocean” Slide with a fascinating ocean creatures print and height of 3.7m, providing the little ones with a thrilling adventure down the slide. This pool party rental slide can be placed alongside a pool at your venue. Also, the “Under The Ocean” slide comes attached with a pool, just in case you might not be able to arrange for a venue with a pool.

4. River Runn & Wild Rocker

While some kids may run around and splash in the pool with their friends, the others might just want to sit back and relax. The River Runn is a water inflatable which comes with seating for two. That is not it. It also comes with a cooler where you can chill your drinks. A perfect water rental to relax by the pool. Another rental water inflatable for your pool party for the ones who want to sit back and relax, instead of sliding down the water slides in the Wild Rocker. It is not suitable for the kids, but for adults too.

5. Small Inflatables

Plastic toys of water animals are kept beside a water pool at Splash N Bounce event management company in Dubai

Well, if you’re organising a mini weekend pool party for the kids, here are a set of small inflatables which you could hire at Splash N Bounce. These small inflatables look colourful and amusing to the kids. How excited would they be to float on these little inflatables? Rent these water inflatables, and they are sure to add some more fun and excitement to your pool party.

So now that you have a complete list of suggestion for pool party rentals, go ahead and hire the one that best suits your needs. For more pool party planning tips you can read our blog on The Perfect Pool Party Checklist. Simply tell us your requirements and we will assist you to get the right pool party rental.

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