Balloon Twisting

Balloon Twisting

Price for 2 hours

Ideal for Birthday party, school events, family fun day


AED 650.00

Children sure can be fickle sometimes, can’t they? If you’re the parent to a little one, you probably know exactly what we mean. What’s cool and trendy one day, is suddenly old and passé the next. One thing that never goes out of style? Balloons. In particular – balloon twister for parties. Here at Splash ‘n Bounce, we’ve seen the trickiest of birthday boys and girls jump for joy at the sight of their very own balloon maker for birthday party. Twist and shout, indeed!

Imagine the scene: a room full of talkative little toddlers all vying for your attention or, worse still, all of them clamouring after the same toy. Yep, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of hosting a children’s birthday party, you’ll know this predicament all too well. And, trust us, so do we. One too many rowdy children’s events later and we have come up with the ultimate form of kids’ entertainment: balloon twister for parties.

So what’s our foolproof party plan of action? Well, it all starts with the child in mind. Call us up at Splash ‘n Bounce and we’ll send a trained balloon maker for birthday party with more than a few tricks up their sleeve. You balloon twister for party knows how to twist and shape balloons into all of your child’s favourite farmyard animal, and then some.

Creative little girls will have the pick of the bunch thanks to a Splash ‘n Bounce balloon twister for birthday party. A bright blue butterfly, perhaps? Or how about a fairy princess crown made to fit her little head? Dapper young lads aren’t left behind either. How does a brave balloon sword sound? Or what about a cheeky little lion cub balloon out of The Lion Guard? The only real dilemma will be settling on a favourite!

Over the course of two hours, your balloon maker for party will delight and enchant every little guest at your party. Does your child’s special event have a particular theme? Maybe it’s a day littered with heroic superheroes? Or possibly even a trip to the wild animals in Africa? Let us know beforehand and Splash ‘n Bounce will send you a balloon twister for birthday party armed and ready for action. We will do our level best to accommodate whatever special shapes will tickle your little one’s fancy.

Wondering just what goes into arranging a Splash ‘n Bounce balloon twister for parties? Through extensive research and quality testing, we’ve pinpointed the best type of materials to suit and satisfy our young clients. We make use of the highest grade Qualatex balloons which are proven not only to hold their twisted shape for longer, but most importantly, is hypoallergenic and safe for use by all ages. Just another reason to trust our balloon maker for birthday party at Splash ‘n Bounce to entertain and enchant young ones on their special day.

Whether it’s a child’s birthday bash, a school sports event or even a family fun day out, you’d be hard pressed to find entertainment that’s as fuss-free and user-friendly. Give us your event coordinates and let us sort out the balloon twisting fun for you. Did we mention that each child gets to keep their expertly-made balloon twister for birthday party creations? Captive entertainment plus a long-lasting party memento, all in one. Kids parties just got a brilliant balloon upgrade!

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The team at ‘Splash N Bounce’ aims to deliver experiences that draw on your imagination and makes your children’s birthday party a big success.

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