Price for 2 hours

Hard surface, grass

SIZE (L x B x H ) :
5m x 3.8m x 4.5m

Birthday Party, Corporate Event, School Event


AED 850.00

Climbing wall for kid’s

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s way cooler. And frankly, a lot safer and closer to the ground too. It’s an inflatable rock climbing wall in Dubai and it may just be the adventurous kick your next party is looking for.

If you’ve ever taken your child to an indoor play area, we don’t need to tell you: children love climbing. And when falling down means a buoyant bounce on an inflatable air mattress, even better.

Imagine the absolute delight on your little one’s face as they enter their backyard to find an inflatable climbing wall especially for them. And at their very own birthday party too! It’s not only their eager young friends who will be jumping for joy; you will most likely win the award for Coolest Parent of the Year too!

Now let’s talk logistics. Just what is required of you? Splash ‘n Bounce will gladly arrange all the inflatable climbing wall in Dubai for you keeping your child’s safety as our top priority. All we need from you is an open space to set it up. Our inflatable rock climbing wall takes up an area of 5 metres by 3,8 metres by 4,5 metres. Ideally we would need a further small area surrounding the structure to give children room to climb onto the inflatable rock climbing wall too.

If you’re worried that your garden area is too small, not to worry. Our inflatable wall climbing is easily constructed on either grass or a hard indoor surface – just like your child’s trusty indoor play centre.

So what kind of child would suit our inflatable rock climbing wall? We’d like to think it appeals to each and every child out there. Even those who are a little hesitant at first soon come around to the adventurous fun once they see their more daring companions give it a go.

Worried about safety? No need. Our inflatable rock climbing wall contains no hard edges or rough materials that could be of any harm to a child. The only solid compartments to speak of are the climbing rocks which are secured firmly in place to the inflatable climbing wall.

What about age restrictions? We typically like to leave this to the discretion of you, the parent. What we would advise however is that children of a similar age and body size use our inflatable climbing wall at a time. This comes into play particularly with regards to falling and perhaps unintentionally hurting one another.

From a parent’s perspective, you’re providing a real treat to naturally energetic children while the adults get to unwind. The kids are kept to one confined area and get to stretch their legs in a safe yet exciting manner. Who knows? You might even encourage more cautious personalities to become more adventurous. The more outgoing children then get the added challenge of assisting their more reserved playmates on the inflatable rock climbing wall. All in all, a party activity that’s a win for all concerned.

Sound like your kind of party activity? You’ll join a bunch of eager children at birthday parties, school events and family fun days who have already experienced the inflatable rock climbing wall finesse. Ring up Splash ‘n Bounce for a chat and we’ll tailor-make an inflatable climbing wall in Dubai escapade for the budding young explorers in your life!

Get in touch with us to know more about our inflatable climbing wall in Dubai.

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