Price for 2 hours

Hard surface, grass

SIZE (L x B x H ) :
4m x 4m

Corporate Event, School Event, Roadshow, Mall Activation


AED 2,400.00

Was it ABBA who told us: “Money, money, money… it’s a rich man’s world”? Sounds to us like the Swedish pop group needs a go at our inflatable cash cube to find out the real fun to be had in diving for dosh!

It might not be your typical party game… but that’s exactly what makes an inflatable money blower machine rental so exciting. If you’ve ever been tasked with arranging the entertainment for a group event, chances are you’ve seen it all. And most likely, so have your guests. One thing they might never have experienced before? An inflatable money blower machine rental. They have probably never even considered the endless fun to be had grabbing at notes of money as it flies all around them. That’s where you come in – you and your inflatable cash cube, that is.

How does it work exactly? We’re happy you asked. For a minimal fee, Splash ‘n Bounce will deliver to you your very own inflatable money blower machine rental. The structure itself stands at 4 metres by 4 metres in size and can be erected just where you’d like. Both grass and hard surfaces will do. Over the span of two fun-filled hours, you and your guests then get to experience a vintage arcade game like no other. No, you haven’t stepped into a TV game show. It’s your throwback Grab ‘n Win inflatable cash cube.

If you remember the arcade games of old, you’ll probably recall similar money whizzing machines. One by one, each person gets the chance to spend time in the inflatable money blower machine rental. As they enter the structure, a built-in air machine blows coupons all throughout the inside of the cube. The pay out? Whatever you manage to catch within a given space of time is all yours!

So who can take part in the game? Absolutely everybody. At 4 metres high, the inflatable money blower machine rental will comfortably hold everyone from your shortest to tallest guests. The only limit has to do with their hand-eye coordination. Just who will be the ultimate money-grabbing champion? You’ll never know – only a turn in the inflatable cash cube can tell!

Wondering what sort of event a Splash ‘n Bounce inflatable money blower machine rental would suit? Well, you tell us. We’ve seen all sorts of groups have oodles of money-catching fun in the inflatable cash cube. From corporate events to school fun day activities – young and old alike have found fortune grasping for cash in the cube.

For those thinking on a larger scale, our inflatable cash cube could even present some alternative business marketing opportunities. Are you in charge of a travelling road show or perhaps you’re heading up a weekend mall activation? For a set time of two hours, an inflatable money blower machine rental can provide all the entertainment you need for your event. That’s not even to mention the free advertising and promotion guaranteed as you entice new clients to your marketing stall. Will a Splash ‘n Bounce inflatable cash cube become a part of your winning entertainment campaign? We’d sure love to give it a shot!

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